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I am  thrilled that you are allowing me the privledge of being a part of the most important relationship of your life – your relationship with God!

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Strengthen A Teen's Faith with These 3 Questions

A whopping 50%-70% of young Christians walk away from the church by the time they are in their college years!
This is a scary statistic when your own teen is just a few years (or less) from leaving home and will take on a world that hates the Bible.

4 Things You Can Do to Be Intimate with Your Husband

We tend to expect our husband's to be in charge of the intimacy in our marriages simply because men have "physical needs," but that it is not the ONLY way you can be intimate with your husband. It's time to up your game and show your man a little love!

Ripple Effect
of Divorce

No one gets married and plans on getting a divorce. The experience is gut-wrenching
and painful. And yes, while time does tend to heal hearts, what follows for YEARS after the day you say “I don’t” is the ripple effect of divorce.

Breaking the ANGRY Habit

5 Ways to
Break the

When circumstances in your life continue to apply pressure from every direction, what comes out of you is what was in you to begin with.

But is it really possible to stop reacting in anger all the time?

I feel like I just had a light bulb moment after reading your welcome email. Just wanted to let you know you're on the right track and your doing a great job! Thank you and I'm excited for your blog!
Gracia Moore
I absolutely love this! So much beautiful truth here that Christian women need to read; thanks for sharing!
Lisa Yvonne
Graceful Abandon Blog
Love your site and it’s exactly what I need in life right now.  Before kids I had such a great relationship with God. Now with three little ones I have zero time.  When do I do it? How do I do it with the time I do have? And what’s enough to keep that relationship going?  I wish I could do more. Thanks for your site!  
Maggie Klaassens
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