scripture writing

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PRINT the FREE Journal Page below 30 times (use double-sided printing to save paper!)
Purchase a blank journal.
PRINT the 30 Days of ________ pages.
Then CONNECT, REFELCT & PRAY about the verses.

**I am currently working on more “30 Days of FINDING _______.”
Is there something that you would love to have verses on? Let me know!
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The goal of Scripture engagement is to meet God in His Word. Writing the Bible out by hand offers the unique opportunity to participate in an activity that forces us to slow down the process of reading and encourages a more reflective engagement with God’s Word. It gives us more time to think about what is written and to dwell on the meaning and implications of a passage. Hand copying is a focusing activity. Too often we read quickly and forget what we’ve read within a few mintues. Hand copying helps combat quick, surface level reading.
(Phil Collins, Hand Copying Scripture ,

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