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Tuck them in your day planner, hang them on your mirror or fridge, tape them to you desk…put them everywhere and anywhere you will see them and read them often!

Our anger is not something we can’t control. With God’s help, we CAN overcome the urge to yell!

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. But rather then just memorize and recite it, use it as a model  to help you be sure your prayers are complete.

The call to be a Woman of God is not easy. Women were designed with a specfic purpose and when we embrace that, we will be content in whatever circumstances God has given us.

Encouragement for Hard MoMOMents

Mom's experience a range of emotions and need to be encouraged. God knew what He was doing when He made you a mom.

No, not today Satan!

The enemy is REAL and he wants nothing more than to destroy our relationships so that we cannot be effective for God. Take a stand and tell him - NOT TODAY!

Gospel in the Genesis Genealogy

Ever skip over the long lists of names in Scripture? (it's ok, I have too) But God does EVERYthing on purpose! Even the definitions of the names in the genealogy found in Genesis point to Jesus!!

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