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Day 22: Mathew 1:18-23  


Alison Simmons
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22/04/2020 7:12 am  

These verses are some that we have read so many times that we easily miss their significance. Our 30 Day Challenge is all about Finding our Faith.

Faith is the belief in the things that are not seen. Trust in a God we don't understand. Obedience to a plan we may be afraid of.

Joseph had every right, by culture's standards, to divorce Mary and yet he had faith. Now, some might argue that it is easy to have faith when you are personally visited by an angel of the Lord, but I disagree! Joseph was certainly going to be scrutinized, gossiped about it, and likely even shunned for his choice Having faith in God's plan was not going to be easy!

Having faith isn't always easy, but it is always worth it.

Have you ever acted in a way that based on faith and in obedience to God yet went against what the culture around you thought was right or best? How did God carry you through this? How did your faith grow in the process?


Cindy Simmons
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22/04/2020 11:07 pm  

i Did it 😊

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23/04/2020 11:28 pm  

Sorry I was MIA - have had the grandkids for a few days...even overnight...and I'm exhausted! I did the reading/writing though! 


And no...there's no way that Joseph trusting God was easy...😲

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