Alison Simmons

Hi! My name is Alison Simmons and I am a(n) {busy, outgoing, overwhelmed, creative, worn out, organized, irritable, inspired} woman. On any given day, I may be any of those words or a combination of them plus more! The one that I know I ALWAYS am is a blessed woman. I have come a long way in my journey through womanhood. No matter where you are in yours, I am excited to walk along with you!

Are you “messing up” the Process of Sanctification?

INSIDE: As Christians, we are supposed to experience growth in the Lord, right? The Holy Spirit dwelling inside us is supposed to help us change, right? So why do you feel so stuck? Why aren’t you experiencing JOY in your life? Because the Process of Sanctification requires something of YOU that you may not be …

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