finding purpose & fullfillment right where you are


Does this sound like you?

Some days you wake up and are ready to conquer the world.
And then there are the days you feel like you’ve been conquered before you even get out of bed.

Some days everything just falls into place.
And then there are the days everything just falls apart.

Can you relate?!

Do you wake up each day with the determination to get it all “figured out” but then drag yourself to bed at night feeling like, no matter what you did accomplish, you still failed at something somewhere?

  • Great mom today, but accomplished nothing for work.
  • Cleaned the entire house, but kids spent the day in front of the TV.
  • Helped a friend solve her crisis, but got into a fight with your husband.

Does never finding balance drive you crazy?! It certainly did me!!

It wasn’t until I realized that any day lived for God’s glory will have you finding purpose and fulfillment right where you are.

It’s time to put your focus where it belongs – NOT on your never-ending ToDo List or checking all the boxes that make you a dutiful wife, mother, and Christian woman but on a Savior whose strength is shown in your weakness!

Let’s do this together!

My FAVORITE shirt!
“There is nothing that Jesus and Coffee can’t get me through!”

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