A Mom’s Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

I had this delightful and perhaps, delusional, vision of a Sideyard Summer Oasis for me and the kids. We have the perfect spot in the lawn right off our deck. The giant sun umbrella was set up over the adirondack chair​s; the cooler was prepped for cold drinks & ice pops and I (and by that, I mean my teenagers) even scraped the slime and spider eggs off the slip & and slide that had been residing under the deck since last fall. It was all ready –


And then it happened…

My 3 year old decided he didn’t want to put on sunblock. I explained the importance of it to him – clearly THAT was a mistake. Cue tantrum and time out. Kid #1 OUT

My 5 and 8 yr old made their way outside and INSTANTLY start fighting over a broken bubble wand. SERIOUSLY?! It is BROK-EN!!! They were “benched” next. Kid #2 & #3 OUT.

My 13 yr old decided he’d rather go play basketball. My 15 yr old (after thoroughly scrubbing herself from the slime and spider eggs) said she didn’t feel like coming outside…AT ALL. Kid #4 & 5 OUT.

So there I was, all the excitement drained from my body and I looked about as deflated as the kiddie pool had been just a few hours earlier. I wanted so badly to have a fun, family day in the yard together and it was a total B-U-S-T! If this is what is in store for us this summer, I’m not sure I will make it!

There is this saying “spring has sprung”…well, in my house, summer had landed…CRASH LANDED!​

Have you ever made the perfect summer plans only to have them FAIL? It got me thinking, what are my back up plans for the days things don’t work out like I had hoped? That lead me to create MOM’S ULTIMATE SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE for both me and you! Download it and tuck it away so you have ideas for fall back on when your plans fail, fall flat or you just need plans at all!

While some mom’s are laid back and able to just go with the flow, I am NOT that kind of mom. I have learned that it is not wrong for me to like order, that is one of the gifts God gave me!

The key is to balance that desire for order with the peace of relaxation and the excitement of spontaneity.

If you are a mom that thrives on routine AND fun, I hope you will find using the Summer Survival Guide will be a huge help!

BLOCK SCHEDULE TIPS: Use 2-4 hour blocks of time, make the activies in each block as specific or as general as you’d like. Fit the blocks to match YOUR FAMILY. Remember that the point is not to make things rigid so much as to help your kids (and you) know what to expect each day. For example, the NO TV or ELECTRONICS during my family’s Outing Block helps prevent the daily screen time battle on the days we don’t have an actual outing.

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