2 Easy Ways to Make Time for God When You Have NO TIME!

How many mornings have you thought about reading your Bible, but jumped on social media instead? Have you ever started to pray only to let your mind wander to thinking about the messages you need to respond to and errands you need to run as soon as you finish your “quiet time?” When have you had opportunities to listen to a sermon but tuned in music?

How many days have passed by in a blur before you find yourself at the end of another week and realize you haven’t been in your Bible at all?!

“Too many,”
was my answer for a long time.

If you it is yours too, you are in good company. Do you remember the Bible account of Mary and Martha? As Jesus spends the day, talking and teaching, Martha busies herself with her duties- cooking, serving, cleaning up. She is so consumed by all that she needs to get done, that she doesn’t take the time to visit with her guest. Not only that, but she is annoyed that her sister, Mary, hasn’t been helping her. Of course, Jesus lovingly rebukes her, but I’m just going to admit it right now, I totally relate.

Does anyone else GET Martha?!

While I can’t know for sure, I’m going to make some general assumptions based on what I know of women in general. I would venture to guess that Martha is a responsible and reliable woman. She likely does the chores that need to be done that no one else thinks to do or wants to do. She is a master multi-tasker who juggles several things all at once because that is what is required of her to maintain order in her home. Even if others help her, she usually has to ask for it. And, even if others thank her, she is usually too busy to acknowledge all she has accomplished. Does this sound familiar?

Are YOU a Martha? I know I am!

Martha doesn’t sound all that different than most women I know. She does what needs to be done but that doesn’t mean that she likes it. In fact, she complains to Jesus about her sister sitting at his feet all day and not helping her! It is easy to be hard on Martha. After all, the Son of God is sitting in her home, teaching, and she is essentially, ignoring him. BUT, before we judge her, have we not done the same? Have you ever spent the day cleaning the house, putting the groceries away, tidying rooms, doing dishes, preparing food, folding laundry and ignoring your Bible? And maybe even been irritated with someone else who appears to be “relaxing” because they are taking time to read and pray instead of work? I am ashamed to admit it, but this used to happen to me daily.

Was Martha wrong?

If Martha had NOT been doing all that she did all day long, who would have? Probably no one. If Martha had walked away from the distractions of serving, would Mary have taken over? Probably not. The dishes would have stayed dirty, the laundry pile would still have been there, the food would not have been prepared and her house would not be clean. BUT if Martha had decided to sit at the feet of her guest, what would she have gained? Time with Jesus, her Savior.

But then the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one good thing is necessary, Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Luke 10:41

Jesus does not suggest that Mary loves him more and Martha loves him less. So we know that it is not Martha’s heart that is keeping her from sitting at his feet. It is the many distractions on her TO DO List. It is the many distractions on MY TO DO List that keep ME from Jesus too!

I decided it was time to make time and here is how I started…

2 EASY ways to MAKE time

1 – Write the Word.

Use a Scripture Writing Journal. I happen to LOVE the ones available from Cultivate What Matters, but you can also just grab a blank notebook from the Dollar Store and choose a book of the Bible to start writing down verse by verse. (I would suggest the Sermon on the Mount from Mathew 5-7, Proverbs or Psalm 139). When you take just 5 mins during your day to WRITE OUT scripture, you will be amazed at how God will use it to speak to you!!

2 – Pray through the Lord’s Prayer verse by verse.

Download this Prayer Prompt and others from my

If Jesus were actually in my home, I would love to think that I would give Him my full attention. Guess what? Jesus is more accessible to us now than he even was to the 2 sisters. He is here for us ALL the time! And He is waiting for us to sit down at His feet and listen.

We just have to make time.

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