How to Cope with Seasons of Change in Life

I love Spring and Fall. They are seaons of change where the temperature is comfortable and you find relief from the bitter cold of winter and from the scorching heat of summer. Both bring color: either through new life seen by blooming flowers or through natural death seen by the changing leaves. They are just beautiful seasons! And much like we experience these seasons of change in our environment, we also experience a seasons of change in our life.

Ironically, I don’t find the seasons of change in my life quite as beautiful. Instead, I have mixed emotions! It is not always easy to cope with Seaons of Change.

Child #1, Alicia, just got her driver’s permit! In a few short years, she will be gone. Child #2, Kieran, has reached the stage when his voice has started cracking and, before long, there will be another man in my house. Child #3, Abigail, is developing a more mature personality and she has starting to join in on “grown up” conversations. Child #4, Bethany, is officially registered for Kindergarten! She is so excited to go yet she is also so afraid to be away. Finally, Child #5, my “baby,” Jair, no longer needs me to take care of him every minute. He can do an alarming amount on his own and this is a good thing! (Do you know how long have I been dropping everything because of another person’s bowel movements?!) But at the same time, the snuggles come less often, and his will becomes stronger.

My role as a Mother is in a Season of Change.
I am excited, and yet, I am sad.

As I have stopped having babies, my younger friends are still talking about due dates and diapers, weight fluctuation and weird cravings. I am thrilled to be sleeping all night and no longer having 5 different clothing sizes in my closet. We are naturally growing apart because we have less in common. While we didn’t move away, friends that I used to see at least twice a week are now people I just run into while I am out in town. Meanwhile, new friendships are being formed that I am giving more of my time and attention.

My friendships are in a Season of Change.
I am excited, and yet, I am sad.

I have been a direct sales consultant for nearly 3 years with a company I love and I have been pretty successful with it. But I feel God pulling me in another direction. There are only so many hours in the day so something has to give. My DS business can no longer be where I put so much energry and effort. And yet this opportunity to share my life and give God all the Glory for it is AMAZING!

My personal focus is in a Season of Change.
I am excited, and yet, I am sad.

As women, we will experience several seasons of change in our lives. Some are like Fall, slowly bringing natural death, revealing colors that have been hidden for a long time. Some are like Spring, bringing new life as we burst into bloom because the time of dormancy is over. During these times, there are freedoms that await us in the season ahead while also things we will have to give up as we leave another season behind. It is exciting, and yet, it is also sad – and that is OKAY!!

So how do we COPE with seasons of change in our lives?

What is most important is that we keep our eyes lifted and look towards the one who doesn’t change. No matter what we are experiencing, GOD IS UNCHANGING. He is not surprised by what we are going through, nor He is uncaring. He hears our squeals of excitment and He sees our tears of sadness. God will see us through our seasons of change because He ordained them from the beginning.

Ecclesiasties 3:1 Seasons of Change

These are His seasons to change because we are His children.
And He will use these seasons of change to change us.

Seasons of Change often require us to wait. We are waiting for answers, for opportunities, for healing, for things to get comfortable again. Check out Is it really possible to be CONTENT while we WAIT for more on this.

While we will all walk through different seaons during our lives, the CHANGING of those seasons are sometimes hard to embrace.

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