Coping with Seasons of Change in Life

Remember when you finally old enough to drive? drink alcohol? or rent a car? We’ve all been there…that milestone birthday that somehow signifies a “shift” from being younger to older. On my 30th birthday, my good friend threw me a surprise “Death of Your Youth” dinner. All the guests wore black, which matched the balloons in even the icing on my birthday cake!!

In the past, these changes in the seasons of my life were exciting and even welcome. (Really, turning 30 wasn’t all that bad.) But recently, I don’t find the seasons of change in my life quite as exciting as they once were. Instead, I have mixed emotions! It is not always easy to cope with Seasons of Change.

My ROLE AS A MOM is in a Season of Change

Child #1 just got her driver’s permit and already knows where she wants to go to college. Child #5 no longer needs me to take care of him every minute. Do you KNOW how long have I been dropping everything because of another person’s bowel movements?!

BUT, in a few short years, my oldest will be gone and my youngest will stop snuggling as his will becomes stronger.

I’m excited, and yet I am sad.

My FRIENDSHIPS are in a Season of Change

I have stopped having babies. My younger friends are still talking about due dates and diapers, weight gain and weird cravings. I am THRILLED to be sleeping all night and no longer having 5 different clothing sizes in my closet.

BUT, friends that I used to hang out with every week are now people I just see while I am running errands. Meanwhile, I am making new friends that I have more in common with.

I’m excited, and yet I am sad.

My WORK FOCUS is in a Season of Change

I have been a direct sales consultant for nearly 3 years with a company I love. I have had TONS of fun, met some amazing women and made a decent amount of $$. My “Mean Green Cleaning Queen” alter-ego even wears a tiara during demo videos!

BUT, I feel God pulling me in another direction. There are only so many hours in the day so something has to give. My DS business can no longer be where I put so much energy and effort. While that means less income, following God’s leading is so much more important.

I’m excited, and yet I am sad.

We WILL experience seasons of change in our lives.

Some are like Fall, slowly bringing natural death, revealing colors that have been hidden for a long time. Some are like Spring, bringing new life as we burst into bloom because the time of dormancy is over. During these times, there are freedoms that await us in the season ahead while there are things we will have to give up as we leave a season behind.

It is exciting, and yet, it is also sad – and that is OKAY!!

So how DO we cope with seasons of change in our lives?

We keep our eyes lifted and look towards the one who does NOT change. No matter what we are experiencing, GOD IS UNCHANGING. He is not surprised by what we are going through, nor He is uncaring. He hears our squeals of excitement and He sees our tears of sadness. God will see us through our seasons of change because He ordained them from the beginning.

  • In the HARD MOMENTS, when we are sad, we can PRAY for strength to move on.
  • In the EXCITING MOMENTS, when we are filled with anticipation, we can PRAY for wisdom to live for God’s glory.
  • In the “NEVER-ENDING” SEASONS, we can PRAY for endurance.
  • In the MIDST OF CHANGING SEASONS, we remember…God uses these seasons of change to change us.

Seasons of Change often require us to wait. We may be waiting for answers, for opportunities, for healing, or just for things to get comfortable again. There is a purpose for your waiting! Check out 4 Lessons God is Teaching You While You Wait to read more on this.

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