4 Secrets for being CONTENT while you WAIT?

You look in your fridge and think,” There is nothing to eat!”
You open your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!”
You look through the show/movie titles, “There is nothing to watch!”

But is that really TRUE? Of course not! The reality is that there is nothing we WANT to eat, WANT to wear, WANT to watch, etc. Our culture is one where we expect options, insisting on having something new all the time to keep us happy. Instead of being content with what we have, we want what we want and we want it NOW.

But as Christians, we are called, not JUST to be content, but to be content while we WAIT.

Does that mean we all have to be okay with eating the same thing while wearing only one outfit and watching reruns of the same show every day until Jesus returns? Of course not! Even if that meant eating chocolate while wearing my pjs and watching Friends, I would get tired of that! (though it may take awhile. 😉 )

The constant need for “have-it-all-NOW” stuff effects how we approach all areas of our life – including our view of God.

We want to see God at work in our lives NOW,
see Him change our circumstances NOW,
give us answers & direction NOW…

But that is not how He works…

So then how are we able to be CONTENT while we WAIT?


for all the things that you have at your dissposible while you wait. It takes only a minute, but write down or say out loud 5 things that you have at that very moment that another person is lacking. Food, clothing, a roof over head, gas in your car, $ to pay bills, your health…maybe some of those things are what you are waiting on. So why just thank God for the breathe you just took in? Or the opportunity to make someone elses day better with your smile and an encouraging word? Being grateful is the first step towards being content.


towards others around you while you wait. I consider myself a pleasant person in general. However, tell me that I must WAIT longer than expected for something I WANT and I am quick to lose patience! Next time my prescription is not ready when I come to pick it up, the line at the grocery store is 6 carts deep, the dress that I want is on back order, I must remember that it is in these tiny, seemly insignificant, everyday moments that I can choose to bring glory to God with my attitude as I wait.


while you wait. The circtumstances may not be ideal. You may lack time, resources, manual labor, strength, money or a number of there necessities. But what DO you have? I once heard a missionary say, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” God will do the rest. Be creative with your solutions and be amazed by what God can do with what you have when you give Him your all.


about how things will work out while you wait. Be patient while as God works on the big things: ministry opportunities to open up; healing for a sick friend; releationships to be repaired and the salvation for loved ones. If it is in Him that we find true comfort and contentment, the inconvience of waiting becomes bearable, if not all together inconsequential, when we trust in God to meet our needs.

When we get frustrated with, what we perceive to be, God’s lack of attention to our needs, we have lost sight of the bigger picture. We forget that it is often while we are WAITING for God that He –

Sanctifies us. Strengthens us. Grows us.
Changes us. Renews us. Carries us.

Isaiah 40:31 Be Content while we wiat
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So yes, with God, it IS possible to be CONTENT while we WAIT!

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