Breaking the ANGRY Habit

5 Ways to Break the ANGRY Habit

What do you get when you sqweeze and orange? ORANGE JUICE!

What do you get when you sqweeze a tired, overwhelmed, underappreciated woman? ANGER!!

A simple analogy that drives home a real truth…when circumstances in your life continue to apply pressure from every direction, what comes out of you is what was in you to begin with. But are there ways to break the angry habit?

In a previous post, Losing My Mind One Kid at a Time, I share a scenario that is really not all that uncommon…an exhuasted mom just trying to survive for the first few hours of her day. The pressures of trying to manage your children/home during that 1 single hour before/after school can be incredibly stressful! But you don’t have to be a mom for this to apply!

Women in ALL walks of life experience pressure and stress that SQWEEZES them until what is inside comes out…ANGER

Many women, myself included, get so used to reacting in anger when sqweezed, that it becomes a habit, a very BAD HABIT. How do you break bad habits? By replacing it with new GOOD HABITS. Here is how I am breaking the habit…

5 Ways to Break the ANGRY Habit

  • ACCEPT THE CIRCUMSTANCES – Using a daily Gratitude Journal is a great way to focus on the positive going on around you. As hard as it may seem at first, this gets easier the more you do it!
  • NEEDS ARE VERY DIFFERENT THAN WANTS – This is hard when we have a pounding headache and WANT/NEED quiet! Other times, we allow our selfish tendencies to creep in and make us unhappy.
  • GRACE SHOULD BE GIVEN AND RECEIVED – Kids will be kids, right? Well, yes, actually! So be gracious when they act like it. Ask for forgivess and then accept grace from them when you don’t.
  • RESPOND, DON’T REACT – Kids are fighting so you swoop in to “deal with it” without any real care for what is going on. Sound familiar? Next time, stop, breathe, ask, listen, respond. Handling the situation calmly can be a challenging, but you will find you are able to actually resolve the conflict and may even prevent it from reoccuring.
  • YES- USE THIS WORD WISELY – Sometimes we say “yes” because it is easier to give in than fight the battle we know it inevitable if we don’t say it. BUT this actually sets us up for for more battles down the road. So consider the long game before answering!

Breaking bad habits is HARD

When life starts to sqweeze, I still may get angry. Sometimes I have a valid reason. Sometimes, if I am being really honest, I am just being selfish. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. The more often I practice these 5 Ways to Break the ANGRY Habit, the more I am able to control my anger and stop the yelling before it starts.

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7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Break the ANGRY Habit”

  1. Oh how true your words are. My children are grown, but other things make me angry. Your suggested rules to follow make sense. I’ll give them a try.

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