Why Is Norwex so Expensive?!

Yup, I asked the question that YOU may be asking. I asked the question that I have been asked MANY times before. “Can’t I just buy the cloths they sell at my local surplus store? They do the same thing, right?” While I am a LOVER of my local Walmart and shop their more often than anywhere else, I would like to take a minute to make a comparison between


You may already know that I have 5 growing kids which means we go through shoes at the speed of light! While my oldest has finally reached her likely max shoe size, the other 4 kidos outgrow their shoes every 6 months and we are back at the store for a new pair before I know it. For this reason, I am totally cool with buying CHEAP shoes! BUUUUTTTTT….when it comes to MY shoes, momma don’t play! Here’s why…


Cheap often means poor quality. So the question you have to ask when making any purchase where there is a significant price point difference between 2 options is…

Do I care if this item wears out/breaks down/falls apart in a short period of time?

When it comes to sneakers for my 2 year old, heck no! I don’t care one bit! Let the boy have Spiderman Light Up sneaks for $14 because by the time all his hard playing tears them up, he will outgrow them and need new ones anyway! (We have had this particular pair for 5 months!)


And then there is MY sneakers. These suckers cost well over $100 (I will leave the actual price a mystery just in case my husband reads this. 😉 ) However, they have survived one 5K run, 2 Spartan Races and countless workouts over the past 2+ years, not to mention daily wear and mowing the lawn all summer long. They are not too pretty anymore, BUT they still fit great, support my feet just the same as they did when I first bought them and will be used in another 5k this spring and my 3rd Spartan race this summer!


The QUALITY of these sneakers made the price worth every penny!

The same is true of Norwex Microfiber!

Let’s quickly review what makes Norwex so VALUABLE:

  1. Each strand is over 33 times THINNER than Standard Microfiber!
  2. If we were to unweave 1 cloth, the length of the microfiber would be OVER 10 MILLION FEET LONG (that’s the distance from the border of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico!!!!)
  3. Norwex Microfiber as the ability to REMOVE UP TO 99% OF BACTERIA from a surface using ONLY WATER with proper use and care!
  4. Norwex contains BACLOCK, liquid microsilver embedded in the cloths that gives them SELF PURIFICATION properties (rinse your cloth in HOT water after each use and hang by provided tag, the microsilver actually suffocates remanent bacteria as the cloth dries preventing your cloths from stinking after only a couple of uses!)
  5. Norwex Microfiber cloths come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY, when purchased through a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.
  6. When you buy a Norwex product, you GET A REAL LIFE CONSUTLANT! They are there to help you with all your cleaning quandaries!
Savings over a 2 year period.

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