Laugh in the chaos

Hope through the tears

Thrive as a woman of God

You are ready to...

stop trying to control your current circumstances and the future;

endure everything from insignificant frustrations to major challenges of life with joy; 

experience freedom in Christ as He uses you to bring Him glory!

find purpose and fullfillment right where you are!

But first, let's get real.

Being a woman of God isn’t easy and sometimes, you might not be feeling “super spiritual” about it.
It’s okay, you are not alone!

So now what?! NOW you change how you have been treating your relationship with God.

Being a Christian isn’t about blending in. No friend, you signed up to be set apart but how do you do that exactly?

But don't worry, you are not in this alone.

Developing a relationship with God takes time. He is waiting to welcome you into His arms, but you have do your part.

Need Resources?

Develop a daily habit of spending time with God. This 6 week journal was designed for you, the busy woman, who wants to connect, reflect and pray as you deepen your faith in God. 


The hardest part about praying is often knowing what to say. Use these cards to speak God’s Word back to Him. Personalize the prayers with your unique circumstances and use them over and over.


Did you know that God tells us we should actually rejoice in our suffering?! This 6 session audio series will help you find the blessings you may be missing in your difficult circumstances.


Sign up as a member and then join us for our next Community Challenge!!


Girl, you are ready...

laugh, hope & thrive!