Does this sound like you?

Some days you wake up and are ready to conquer the world.
And then there are the days you feel like you’ve been conquered before you even get out of bed.

Some days everything just falls into place.
And then there are the days everything just falls apart.

Do you wake up each day with the determination to get it all “figured out” but then drag yourself to bed at night feeling like, no matter what you did accomplish, you still failed at something somewhere?

Does never being able to find the right balance drive you crazy?!

  •  Accomplished a lot at the office, but missed out on your kid’s school assembly.
  • Spent quality time with the kids all day, but the house is a wreck and you have no energy to clean it.
  • Helped a friend solve her crisis, but got into a fight with your own husband.

I have been there too! But it doesn't have to be that way.!!

I believe that you can find joy and peace in the midst of chaos by intentionally connecting with God each day.

Why start with your OWN relationship with God?

Because you can't pour out of an empty cup.

Taking time to be FILLED by the Holy Spirit is essential if you want to be able to interact with others with the right heart and attitude.

Because God is more concerned about changing YOU than your circumstances.

It is tempting to want to jump into "fixing" our marriage & kids, our environment or our circumstances, but that is rarely how God works!

Because God says so!

The most important commandment is this, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with your soul and with all your mind.

Imagine NOT focusing on your never-ending ToDo List or checking off all the boxes that make you a dutiful wife, mother, and Christian woman but instead on a Savior whose strength is shown your YOUR weakness. Your anxieties about the future have melted away because you know God has you right where you are meant to be and you can finally stop trying to control your circumstances and find JOY in them instead.

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you'll discover how seeking an intentional relationship with God can bring balance and peace to life you are in right now.

Wondering where to even start?

There was a time I felt overwhelmed and underappreciated. My schedule was packed and my To-Do list never got any shorter. My life was stressful and my closest relationships were suffering because of it. I didn’t want it to be that way. wanted it to be joyful! It wasn’t until I realized that any day lived for God’s glory will have you finding purpose and fulfillment right where you areToday, I have genuine joy in my heart. And, while far from perfect, I am secure in my role as a woman of God.  Yes, somedays, daily living can still wear me out! But I am no longer “just surviving” because I understand that God put me exactly where I am meant to be.

I know who God designed me to be and I am thankful for the life He has given me.

God tells us there are 5 Blessings we can ALWAYS find even in the midst of our struggles.

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Areas for Spiritual Growth

START HERE!! It’s time to stop asking God to change your circumstances and the people in them. Instead, ask Him to start changing YOU!

God gave married women this AMAZING opportunity to be helpmates to their husband when He designed the family. Are you ready to do what it takes to be the Godly wife you are called to be?

Being a mom is one of the most challenging, most exhuasting, and most rewarding jobs you will ever have. You are not in this alone!

Women need other women! To laugh & cry together. To celebrate and morn together. We need compassion and accountiblity from each other. Friendship is a sweetness we cannot afford to ignore.

How to Make Time for God When You Have NO Time!

How many days have passed by in a blur before you find yourself at the end of another week and realize you haven’t been in your Bible at all?! 

Sanctification SUCKS!
Can I say that?!

Sanctification is not a behavior we can control, it is a CHANGE in our behavior that God controls. And is can be very painful to go through! But God cares more about making us HOLY than happy.

I would love to here from you!

Please reach out and tell me where you are in your journey with connecting with God.
Share you story with me and learn more about mine.
Remember, you are not alone. We are in this together!!

Let me be totally transparent here, this was NOT an easy transformation! I fought God HARD. I wanted Him to make me happy on my terms, but the Bible tells us that our God is a jealous God and He will not allow us to chase after the idols of our hearts.

Grab your Bible, a cup of coffee
(or tea, or water, whatever is your "thing")

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